My Story

Born in New Caledonia, raised in Switzerland and travelled a bit since then. In 2012 (it feels like yesterday) I quit my fancy job at a multinational in Lausanne, to follow my husband to Jordan, Kuwait, Dubai and now London.

As a mother of two (fantastic boys, (almost always!)) I have been more attracted to comfort clothes rather then fashionable/trendy outfits. At a young age, let's be honest, kids don't care about what they wear but they sure do want to be comfy in their pants! They need to explore, climb, jump, crawl, take their fist steps and make a run for it! 

I remember dressing up my kids mostly in leggings or track pants (not very sexy I know), then one day, I decided to make my own pants. They had to be easy in and out (no zipper and no button would be allowed), spacious, growable and NOT THIGHT!!! Before I knew it, I draw my 1st harem pants and was hooked!!  I fell in love with the amount of cute fabrics out there and soon after, needed more babies to dress (shoot out to all my friends out there who received prototype after prototype until I got it the way I want).

So here I am, starting my very own sewing business, hand-making baby and toddler colorful products using only organic material (certified Oeko-tex or GOTS fabrics). This is the beginning of a new and exciting adventure for me.  

1st trip to the parc with our new home made pants (Kuwait, Nov. 2015)